Stephanie Oliksowycz

Licensed Realtor Associate

Century 21 Alliance Realty

121% Committed to your success!

About Stephanie Oliksowycz

Buying or selling a home by yourself can be gruesome. You can either burn out in the process or have Stephanie Oliksowycz help you out. She is bilingual, proficient in both English and Spanish, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (International Marketing) from Pace University, a licensed realtor and member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Her knowledge in business administration has empowered her to advise her clients knowledgeably. Her skills in marketing have enabled her to form highly valuable networks in realty. Besides, being a landlord since 2002 further decorates her wealth of knowledge and experience in the real estate business.
Stephanie has been in the service sector for the better part of her life. She worked in retail while in high school and in college, and worked as a department head of a five-star hotel. In the wake of the 9/11 terror attack, her hotel became a missing persons' hub. Since they lost most of their clients in the towers, their clients reduced significantly, and her career ended.

Her experience in the service industry bore in her a fiery passion for serving people, molded her into a natural caregiver, and an exemplary people-helper. Her experience while attending to people after 9/11 lit in her a candle of empathy that burns with compassion to date, and affirmed in her an ambassadorial attribute in championing the American Dream. Amidst the stresses of buying or selling a house, she will give you a listening ear and guide you tenderly through every step of the process.

When consumed by the process of buying a home, a little humor would do so much good. Stephanie is humorous and has a great personality. You would never get enough of her assistance.